Boogie Magazine Volume 1 - Page 4

Lacy Younger She’ll tell ya how you like it by Eli J. Medellin Photography by Nick Abadilla W ith a Farrah Fawcett smile and body to match, she produces a confident energy that takes over any room. She sings, records, promotes and tours without fear or hesitation, has a history in the rock ‘n’ roll scene and has stories to tell. That’s the sort of energy we wanted for the cover of the very first volume of Boogie Magazine. Someone whose photo would scream, “Hell yeah, look at this!” Ladies and Gentlemen… Lacy Younger. I met Lacy recently at a brunch-time gig in San Marcos. She was ‘sitting in’ with her buddy and singing compeer, Christine Gilardi. It was a small gig, not too many people, but the two of them, it seemed, were having a good time. Upon introduction, Lacy handed me a polished package with matching cards, CD artwork, and an autographed eight by ten glossy (which I put up in my bar at home). Later, I went to see her play with Temple Of The Dad, at Mother’s Saloon in Ocean Beach. It was a warm Saturday night and the placed was packed with people dancing in their seats and the dance floor was rock’n. The band was playing a variable set of popular classic rock from the likes of Journey to Lynyrd Skynyrd. Lacy stood out with her flashiness and unmistakable, highenergy rock ‘n’ roll voice. I had to push my way through a mess of sweaty, enthusiastic fans just to get to her during the break to say hi. This was just about the time when Boogie Magazine was being conceived. When asked who would be on our first cover, my immediate reply was, ‘Lacy Younger.’ I knew that she had just returned from a successful gig in England and would have an interesting story to share right off the bat. I wasted no time calling her to request an interview, which she accepted graciously. I arranged to met her at one of my favorite spots in Old La Mesa, Hoffer’s Cigar Bar. It’s a relaxing beer and wine bar with a comfortable patio in back for smokers to enjoy a cigar and a beer at the same time. They frequently have some well known blues performances on weekend nights. A smoke filled blues experience, who would of thunk it? Boogie Magazine 4