Boogie Magazine Volume 1 - Page 11

Halloween and closing night for Parkway Bar The Sickstring Outlaws Johnny Drank Jack CD Review by Eli J. Medellin The Sickstring Outlaw’s Johnny Drank Jack is a tall glass of good ole honky-tonk with a shot of “psyco-billy” I said that I was not going to do CD reviews because I don’t consider myself qualified to critique anyones hard work in the studio, but Mark Eppler gave me this CD, I put it in the player of my car and I haven’t ejected it yet.  A collection of very well recorded sessions that are easy to listen to and original “outlaw” songs that are reminiscent of my honky tonk days back in Texas.   The intro track is a  country rock’n instrumental followed by fast-paced ‘hellbelly’ tune “Ole Saint Peter” complete with banjo and fiddle accompaniment. I like every song on this recording, all of which spell out their obvious influences such as Ronnie Van Zant, Waylon Jennings, George Jones and “getting stoned.”  The song “Dive Bars is a “haw-larious score about how the dive bar scene has changed since those honky tonk days of old.  The title track “Johnny Drank Jack” is a fine bar side (as opposed to side bar) tribute to the “Man in Black”  (Check out the Video on their website).  This CD fades out perfectly with a, last one to leave the bar, mellow tune called “One More Round.”    Well played Outlaws… Well played.  If I owned a cowboy lid, it would be off to you. Boogie Magazine 11