Boogie Magazine Volume 1 - Page 10

On the Streets “Leave this mess behind” by William Blake Watch on YouTube behind me. Break anna leave this mess Iw . Letting go of my e from my restraints fre hose things away. ngings, yes I threw t belo SAN DIEGO, November- We were out shooting another event and we just happened to walk past and noticed a musician using the garage behind him for acoustics. I dropped a flyer for our next jam session and we kept going, but we both stopped and turned back. Without a word, I pulled out my phone and Eli turned on his cameras and we waited quietly When he finished the song I asked if we could record him to which he smiled and said yes, but he wanted to play an original piece. Of course, that caught our attention. He explained that he had come from Tennessee and was trying to make a new life for his family as he recovered from an illness. Just then I noticed his family sitting nearby, watching closely. He shared a soulful piece about letting g