Bongo Boy Magazine Spring 2018 | Page 39

10. Bitter Now 5:01 - Now, this is interesting. I like the melodic guitar and the other instruments I hear. Is that a flute? Are those violins? Romy’s vocals are center stage and the music seems to be answering her. This song has a very strong Zeppe- lin feel, back when Jimmy Page was ‘expanding his horizons beyond Blues based heavy rock’. I mean that as a complement. This is a very un- usual track for an album that, thus far, has rocked hard and heavy. The thing is this song is infectious. It is simply a very good, extremely well executed song. 11. The Journey 4:33 - More soft electric guitar starts this track. I am reminded of Heart. Romy’s vocals are nothing short of beautiful. At the 1:25 mark, the gui- tar does go into some rather rocking chords, but soon we are back to the melodic string work. Think back, if you are old enough, to the first time you heard Time After Time. This song has the same emotion impact. Simply put, this is a beauti- ful song. 12. Les Ailes De L'amour 4:42 - According to Google Translate this song is entitled The Wings of Love. One thing is sure, the guitar work is impressive and Romy’s vocals are spot on. I definitely prefer the vocals in French although I am only able to pick out a few words. Despite the language barrier, the raw emotion of the song comes through loud and clear. Music is the universal language. It is not at all necessary to under- stand the lyrics to appreciate the way a singer’s voice hits the notes. Romy’s emotional intensity is crystal clear. So what is the bottom line? It is this: V for Victory is an album created by an incredibly talented group of individuals who have come together to form a very cohesive unit. The songs range from head banging good, to very soulful funk, to simply unbelievably beautiful songs that captivate the listener. This album is well worth the purchase price and I, for one, look forward to hearing their next album. I hope I have the chance to see them live one day. - The Grouch, in the Rockies Buy Album Now! Artist Page: