Bongo Boy Magazine Spring 2018 | Page 28

day . I am thinking of April Wine or even Billy Squire . There is enough rock here for guys to dig it and enough sensitivity in the vocals for their girlfriends to get them to come to the show . In short , this is a good song reminiscent of 1982 which , at least for me , was a very good year . This song is well executed , radio-friendly hard-pop .
Track 5 - Born Dainty - Kelly Caruso ( of American Idol ) - 3:44 - First things first , I dig the music . It ' s got an old Charlie Daniels - Skynyrd feel . As an old drummer , I have to say I really like what Keith Reil is doing . I also dig the leads Gar pulls out at the tail end of the song , and some people say Country doesn ' t jam ! When done right , it jams indeed . Kelly has a strong voice that gets better on the chorus . She can sing and seems to have the kind of gutsy attitude that I dig . Think of a kind of Country Gore Gore Girls and you are on the right track . This is a good song from a young woman with a strong voice and some really good players .
Track 6 - Meet Me - Ricky Persaud Jr 4:12 - It really doesn ’ t get much better than this . Gar is a fantastic songwriter and there are not many people who can jam as much as Ricky Persaud Jr . I have been a big fan of Ricky ’ s since I first heard him quite a while back . Simply put the man can do wonders on any instrument he chooses to use , including his voice . The Reggae vibe is strong , and I am brought back to a conversation I had a long time ago with a cat I knew who was playing drums in a Reggae band . He said to me “ Once you go Reggae there is no going back .” Listen to this song . When I do I have to admit I have percussion envy .
Track 7 - Sweet Sunshine - The Satisfactors 3:38 - I first heard about the Satisfactors a few years ago . I dig what they do ! This is a band made up of a bunch of guys who are bursting with in-your-face soul . The singer sings well . The rhythm section is rock solid , and the guitars are on fire . I dare anyone to listen to this track and not be in a better mood by the end of the song . A long time ago , when the Walkman first came out , I had a friend who would say " Here , have a little Alice . You ' ll feel better ." Then he would give you the headphones and Billion Dollar Babies would blast through your brain . Well , here , have a little Satisfactors . You ' ll feel better .
Track 8 - Rush On You - Mark Lindsay ( former lead singer of Paul Revere & the Raiders ) - 2:40 - One word : JAM ! This reminds me of something our band instructor back in Jr . High school would say . If we had managed to make some particularly soulful noise Mr . Case would look at us , grin and say in his cigarette damaged voice : Sometimes you cats can wail . Well folks , this track wails !
Track 9 - A Spy For Love - Mia Moravis 2:32 - I had no idea they were making a new James Bond film . They must be because this track is absolutely meant to be the theme song for a James Bond flick . The camp factor is over the top as Mia sultrily sings that she is a Spy For Love . The thing is that despite the intentional campiness and the omnipresent musical kitsch , the music on