Bongo Boy Magazine Spring 2018 | Page 6

Bongo Boy Records Presents... THE INTERNS! Ariana Archilla Ariana is a senior at Centenary University trying to make her way to an English: Creative Writing De- gree. She is a published writer and is working on her first novel as well as her first screenplay. She enjoys all genres of music aside from country (although we won’t hold anything against her), but the Classic Rock genre holds a special place in her heart. Ariana is not only a professional hobo and a coffee addict, but she also is obsessed with going to concerts (local and not). She fulfills her calling by being a hype-man for underrated and local bands, and her favorite band is Day6--a South Korean rock band located in Seoul. Ariana currently runs Bongo Boy Magazine’s Twitter account, as well as being an editor of the magazine itself. This is her first internship EVER and she absolutely ADORES it--we know this for a fact...she won’t stop telling us... Kayla Holt Kayla is a senior at Centenary University doing the impossible and DOUBLE MAJORING in Graphic Design and Studio Arts (both BFA). Kudos Kayla! She is a recognized artist and one of her works was featured in the Trenton City Museum for the Ellarslie Open 35 show. Kayla’s music taste leans on favoring rock, blues, jazz, and indie, but she does listen to other genres. Her top artists (which changes with the season) are ZZ Ward and Dorothy. Kayla’s skills include running on 0-2 hours of sleep, only shopping at Wal-Mart, wearing flip flops in winter, and cooking. She is also an editor for our Bon- go Boy Magazine, working on the covers, posters, fine tuning the pages, etc. Kayla hopes to one day to rule Hell as the Empress--ER--UH--work in the special effects de- partment for the movie scene or in animation. She enjoys working for Bongo Boy and aims to give 110%!