Bongo Boy Magazine Spring 2018 | Page 49

The State Theatre Center for the Arts Connor Young , a senior at North Warren Re- gional: The Freddy Awards, both last year and this year, have been some of my top experiences. Get- ting to meet so many talented kids from dozens of other schools is the highlight of my high school career. The kids are so welcoming and friendly because we all have one at least one thing in com- mon. We love to do this. We love the lights and the stage and the sweat. Some of the friendships I made from the Freddy’s I know will last for many years. Daniella Archilla , (pictured in yellow) a ju- nior at North Warren Regional: Getting to be in the Freddy’s has been one of the most re- warding experiences of my life. I was so ner- vous to walk into that room filled with such talented kids on the first day of rehearsal, but once the sound of all these beautiful voices came together, I was completely filled with joy. This has been one of the best experiences of my life, and I wouldn’t trade it for the world!