Bongo Boy Magazine Spring 2018 | Page 43

THE BONGO BOY SHOWCASE WAS EXTRAORDINARY!!! THE SHOW KEPT YOU AMUSED THE ENTIRE TIME....THEY HAVE SUCH WONDERFUL TALENTED ARTISTS!!!! THANK- YOU BONGO BOY FOR HOSTING THE EVENT!!!! - Vicki Blasucci “It’s always fun to Emcee the Bongo Boy showcase .... I get to see and hear different acts young and upcoming as well as veteran .....and usually perform a song or two myself. It’s all about bringing the music to the people and I’m happy to be a part of it”. - Wayne Olivieri As a studio owner music producer and performer for decades I am thrilled to see the work Bongo Boy Records is doing. They have been seeking out and lifting up the best of what the contemporary crop of talented artists offers into the spotlight where they belong . I think Bongo boy records is what the future looks like for the music industry - Dan Skye