Bongo Boy Magazine Spring 2018 | Page 31

singers all provide an outstanding platform for Kathryn to absolutely wail! I dig it. Track 16 - The Hand Of Fate We Hold - The Cor- ridors 3:30 - The Corridors are a band I quite like. The prowess of their keyboard player is not to be denied. Just when the listener feels immersed in a sea of keyboard produced sound the guitar opens up with a tsunami of laser-guided precession sonic blasts that leaves the listener, well at least this listener, speechless. Over the top of this mas- sively intense yet oddly melodic jam is a voice that is simply awe-inspiring. The man (Adi Mosko) can sing! This is a fantastic track that de- serves to be listened to, frequently. I should mention, as the name of the album is The Gar Francis Songbook Volume One by Various Artists that all of the songs with the exceptions listed below, were written by Gar Francis. Sweet Sunshine by Gar Francis, Bruce Ferguson & Kurt Reil A Special Girl by Gar Francis & Jim McCarty Bread It Down by Gar Francis & Anthony Krizan Make Up Your Mind by Gar Francis, Robert Brewer & Karen Holloway Brewer The Hand of Fate We Hold by Gar Francis & Richard X Heyman The bottom line is this is a fantastic album that I am sure will be enjoyable to listen to for years to come. - The Grouch | in the Rockies UPC 680147205447 | ISRC: USPXQ1831601-16 | Cat#BBR-680147205447 |