Bongo Boy Magazine Spring 2018 | Page 22

for Autumn who come out of Point Pleasant, New Jersey. Naturally, I was curious when I read that the band bills themselves as “Hard rock with an electronic edge” as that does sound a bit like an oxymoron, such as “Thrash cham- ber music”. So, it was with great curiosity that I cued up their song. After having listened to the song and watching the video all I can say is “This band should be playing stadiums!” Okay, now in all honesty, I am a guy and as such, no mat- ter how hard I try there is a bit of a pig in me. The first thing I did notice is that their singer is absolutely stun- ning! Then I heard what, to me anyway, sounded a bit like the Doobie Brothers. I thought “Okay, I guess this is what they mean by an electronic edge if guitar effects are con- sidered electronic.” Then the vocals started and while I did not become totally unaware of how beautiful their singer is, I will say that she sounds as good as she looks. My first thought was this is a kind of Janis Joplin sings China Grove groove. That’s cool, I dig the Doobie Brothers and Janis rocked. At the 43 second mark everything changed - the lis- tener is hit by a MASSIVE BLAST of sound and the guitar opens up with blistering bolts of lightning while her voice takes on an “I could rip your throat out” tone. Make no mistake, she still sounds just as soulful and is wickedly in tune, but the attitude is just overwhelming. In order to get the full effect, I highly recommend that you watch the video. Good God that guitar is blistering. Their drummer is spot on while their bass player grooves. Imagine Guns N Roses back when they really were at their best, except with a female singer. The bottom line is this band has it all. They have the musical ability and creative energy to write good mu- sic, as well as the charisma needed to become super- stars. Some singers just have a charismatic appeal Axl did before he got fat and old, Bowie did even after he was old. David Lee Roth, while actually not a very good singer, was a great rock star due to his attitude and charisma. I honestly put Anthems for Autumn in the same league as Guns N Roses,