Bongo Boy Magazine Spring 2018 | Page 2

Bongo Boy Records, LLC Expands Music Operations in Canada by Partnering Up with Canadian Music Promoter/Radio DJ Emidio Vaz From London, Ontario To Form Bongo Boy Music Group Bongo Boy Music Group, Inc an official Canadian division of Bongo Boy Records, LLC will function their operations the same as it’s United States sister company; as a Full Stack Music Company. The Canadian music operations’ primary focus will be to provide support to Canadian bands; primarily with their Record Releases, the bundled Promotions, Social Media Marketing Campaigns, Music Placements, Television and Radio Campaigns that goes with each music release. Also provided and supported will be the services of The Music Anti-Piracy Protection (Music Guardian®) and Artists Management. All services are always 100% Independent and 100% Non-Exclusive. Bongo Boy Records, LLC founded in 2010 by nominated <-Songwriter/Producer Gar Francis and Music Business/Marketing Specialist Monique Grimme -> from The Netherlands. The independent record label accelerated quickly in a worldwide evolution of artists by leading full-service music support, distribution and promotions. Enhancing capabilities of distribution in Asia since 2014, and added supporting Merchandising and Fan Growth worldwide shortly after. Bongo Boy’s services also include Music Video Distribution in Asia like in Shanghai | Beijing | Taipei | Hong Kong with free submission to all and when accepted DIY SPONSORSHIP APPLIES for the promotions. Music Video Distribution is also available in The USA on 66+ Terrestrial TV Channels with 14 Major Cable Companies including NBC Universal Comcast, Spectrum (previous Warner Cable) to just name a few. The TV show series Bongo Boy Rock n Roll TV Show also streams on ROKU via Go Indie TV in The USA, The UK and CANADA since 2011. The extended Bongo Boy Broadcast Television Network gives great exposure to the independent artists and their music.