Bongo Boy Magazine Spring 2018 | Page 18

blasts of energy and , the at times , raunchiness of the vocals make me think this track should be classified as RegPunk . All in all , an excellent jam !
10 . Feel The Love - This beginning of this song reminds me of Queen . The vocals are fantastic . Really , listen to this song and tell me this is not on par with Freddie Mercury . This song really does have the feel of Queen doing Reggae . That is a complement . In case you have been living under a rock or are simply too young to remember Queen , they were technically one of the best bands - ever . This track has the same feel , it is melodic , bordering on classical and then BOOM , just like Queen ’ s Brian May , the guitar opens up with a breathtaking jam that leaves the listener stunned . I am very impressed .
11 . Optimistic Bliss - The title track of the album opens with some sound effects of what sounds like waves crashing or a storm brewing while the guitar plays a chord progression . This evolves into a song with the rest of the instruments joining in for a few bars , building up for the change to the slight Reggae vibe . Soon after the initial Reggae blast the band goes into a more traditional Rock and Roll chorus . All in all , the duality works well . The Reggae feel provides a perfect backdrop for the optimistic lyrics , while the chorus lets the listener know that Ricky did , in fact , grow up in New Jersey . I really like the guitar jam at the end and only wish it had gone on longer . I ’ m sure Ricky extends the jam when he is playing live .
12 . Alive - Oh yeah I dig that bass at the start of the track . Between verses Ricky plays a funk filled refrain that just makes me smile . I find myself nodding my head and keeping time with the percussion as the guitar wails and Ricky spouts his excellent voice . I enjoy his vocal ability so much that , in all honesty , I am not listening to the words , just the notes . The Doo-wop section in the middle of the song is a surprise , but it works . I have to wonder is this an homage to Jersey Boys ?
So folks what is the bottom line ? Simple : Ricky is a young , very talented musician who will be around for a very long time . His music is excellent on so many levels that you really need to listen to it for yourself . - The Grouch | Sweden Now in The Rockies .
Very excited and honored that “ Meet Me ” by Ricky Persaud , Jr . received a Global Music Award . The song was written by Gar Francis and composed , produced and performed by Ricky . Congrats to Ricky and his label Bongo Boy Records . Artist Page : https :// bongoboyrecords . com / rickypersaudjr /