Bongo Boy Magazine Spring 2018 | Page 15

“Ricky Is A Young, Very Talented Musician Who Will Be Around For A Very Long Time”- Optimistic Bliss by Ricky Persaud Jr. Released On Bongo Boy Records Hej America! My friends at Bongo Boy have asked me to review an album they are about to release by Ricky Persaud Jr. I first heard Ricky on the Bongo Boy compilation album Raw and Reckless, I remember liking his stuff so it is with some excitement that I cue up this newest album Optimistic Bliss. The first thing I noticed is the album cover which is simply wickedly cool. The second thing, which is apparent from the cover, is that this album is, if not full on Reggae, at least has its roots in Reggae. Tell me now, who does not dig Reggae?? Take Toots and the Maytals for example, when they sing Country roads take me home To the place I belong West Jamaica, my ol' momma Take me home country road They totally blow away the original song by John Denver, which I thought was a pretty lame song. So after listening to a little Toots and getting primed for some Jamaican Soul I hit the play button on my music app on my computer. 1. Let Me See - Right from the start you can hear that Ricky is a monster player. His musicianship is really very good. Ricky has the ability to melodically jam - I mean this song simply smokes without even using feedback. I like Ricky’s voice, but in all honesty, it almost sounds like the chorus is “Let me see how you roll tide.” Who knew that the University of Alabama was filled with Reggae aficionados? (Just joking man, this song is killer.)