Bongo Boy Magazine Out Of The Garage Feb. 2017 | Page 50

14 . Zombie Garden Club – A Whiter Shade Of Pale ft . Johnny Douglas This classic as a piano ballad has got to be one of the most beautiful renditions of this song I ' ve ever heard . Johnny Douglas , you devil ! It ' s a strikingly beautiful contrast to the rollicking good time garage rock usually performed by this group . I am really impressed with the magnitude of vocal skill and simplistic yet powerful arrangement . A truly beautiful cover .
15 . The Chords UK – Dedicated Follower Of Fashion Oh hell yeah ! Everyone who is cool loves The Kinks and this cover of the Brit Rock Classic marries the beauty of vintage music with the modern , luscious production values of today ! This track made me get up off of my cat hair covered chair and dance !
My thoughts overall : I don ' t know how Bongo Boy Records finds such talented musicians from all over the planet , but DON ' T STOP ! Keep these albums coming because we need fresh underground tracks to love . NOW , go buy this album .
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