Bongo Boy Magazine Out Of The Garage Feb. 2017 | Page 49

12 . Spyder Darling - NEW YORK WALKABOUT Nothing screams 1960 ' s garage rock more than this tune , stylistically speaking . The words are contemporary in the way they describe the use of modern technologies . It ’ s a nice juxtaposition between old and new and a must listen to track . This is one of the more creative , out of the box songs on this album .
13 . Gar Francis – Rainy Day Women # 12 & 35 A favorite classic done meticulously well by Gar Francis . Bob Dylan wasn ' t much for melodic singing or harmonica work , so it ' s nice to hear this song done with the advanced musical tastes of Gar Francis . I detected a little bit of Chuck Berry guitar influence in the latter part of the tune and the horn lines added a different dimension all their own . The crowd howling in delight was a nice touch , too as that was a huge part of the original song . Awesome rendition of Dylan ' s famous tune !