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Cade Wood

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Woody and earthy , Cade Wood oil has been historically used in folk medicine and its scent is harnessed in soaps , detergents , lotions and fragrances . Notably , in the perfume industry , cade wood is sought after for its pine elements as a base note in men ' s fragrances . Add to your shampoo or conditioner to help promote healthy-looking hair , scalp and skin . tip

Add other essential oils like Sandalwood , Frankincense or dōTERRA Balance as desired .

Did You Know ?

Cade Wood comes from a large , hardy evergreen shrub in the Cupressaceae ( cypress ) family and is commonly referred to as ' Prickly Juniper '!

Meditation Spray

Ingredients :
10 drops Cade Wood 55 ml witch hazel 55 ml distilled water 120 ml glass spray bottle
Instructions :
1 . Combine the Cade Wood essential oil , witch hazel and distilled water in the glass spray bottle .
2 . Gently shake before spraying onto a yoga mat or other surfaces to complement your meditation ritual .