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dōTERRA Calmer™ may be part of the dōTERRA Kid ' s Collection , but it ' s ideal for grown-ups too ! Anyone can benefit from this powerful topical oil blend . Calmer can help you and your little ones wind down for the day with its relaxing , positive aroma . You can roll it on the back of the neck and chest or apply it directly to the wrists or the bottoms of the feet before climbing into bed .

Did You Know ?

Calmer combines the soothing properties of Lavender , Cananga , Buddha Wood and Roman Chamomile in a base of Fractionated Coconut Oil .

How to use dōTERRA Calmer™

• Roll on to skin to promote feelings of calm and a peaceful mood .
• Apply Calmer to encourage tranquillity throughout the day .
• Apply to wrists at the end of the day to soothe and relax .
• Apply to your child when it ’ s time to wind down , to help create a positive bedtime routine .
• Keep a bottle of Calmer in your bag for easy and convenient use whenever you need to balance your emotions .

Advice for Using Essential Oils with Children

1 . Always supervise children during essential oil usage .
2 . Always give a child smaller doses of essential oils than you would give an adult .
3 . Dilute essential oils before using them on children to reduce the risk of sensitivity . The dōTERRA Kid ’ s Collection essential oils are already safely diluted !
4 . Avoid any sensitive areas during essential oil application .
5 . Beware of sunlight exposure after topical application of certain oils , particularly citrus oils .*
6 . Children should not take adult supplements without consulting a healthcare professional .
7 . Always store essential oils in a safe place , out of reach of children .
8 . Learn more ; always read labels and manufacturer recommendations .
9 . Consult with the child ’ s physician before using essential oils , particularly if there are health concerns .
* In case of skin contact , avoid sunlight and UV rays for at least 12 hours after applying .