BMTA Newsletter BMTA Newsletter - Winter 2019/20 | Page 2 CONTENTS Page 2 Editor's Note Page 3 Meet our Newsletter Contributors Page 4 News Page 6 Leveraging the Edge in IIoT By Daniel Povey, Research Scientist at the National Physical Laboratory (NPL). Page 9 Sampling Made Simple By Nikhil Sahotra PhD, Materials Emission Specialist, Markes International. Page 13 EDITOR'S NOTE Standards as an Aid to Child Safety By Stephen Wilkins, Managing Director at Davies Development and Testing Ltd. Page 15 Training Courses and Events Page 16 Member Notices Welcome readers… This is the second of our quarterly BMTA newsletters, aimed at providing a greater depth of information and richer insight into specific areas of interest. This issue features articles on data processing and storage, sampling methods for characterising volatile organic compounds emitted from medical devices and standards with an aid to child safety. The next theme for our Spring 2020 issue is: BMTA - the Voice of Measurement and Testing BMTA was created in 1990 in response to the need for an independent ‘lobby’ for the private sector to speak with one voice to Government, UKAS, BSI and other official bodies on issues affecting the whole measurement and testing community. BMTA represents the interests of the measurement and testing industry in the UK and in Europe, through its representation on EUROLAB, the voice for laboratories in Europe. We encourage you to make your views known in the standards making process, through the Association and individual membership of relevant committees. We work to increase awareness of the measurement and testing industry, and provide training, through seminars and workshops, on topical subjects. the challenges and opportunities of digital technologies on the world of measurement and testing (AI, AR, VR etc). To help us provide our BMTA members with useful information we would like your help to: identify and share relevant topics; provide research on new technologies or techniques; let us know industry news; promote events and training sessions; inform us of publications you think may be of interest to your fellow BMTA members. Equally, should your business produce any information, white papers or interviews that you would like to share, please submit this to [email protected]. To subscribe visit: