BMTA Newsletter BMTA Newsletter - Spring 2020 | Page 8 NEWS YOKOGAWA LAUNCHES HIGHLY ACCURATE DIGITAL MANOMETER B/ACCEPTANCE AND TESTBIRDS JOIN FORCES TO DELIVER BEST-IN-CLASS TESTING SOLUTIONS Testbirds, a world leader in crowdsourced testing, and B/Acceptance, a leading software testing and business process modelling specialist providing test expertise, manual testing delivery, test automation, and process modelling services to a wide variety of industries, announce a partnership around their service offerings within the framework of Testbirds’ new partner program. MT300 meets a broad range of applications through a choice of nine models. The adoption of pressure sensors in consumer goods and wearables, and their increasing use in industries such as automotive and medical, has led to the need for higher levels of precision pressure measurement for their development and calibration. The new Yokogawa MT300 satisfies the high accuracy measurement and long-term stability requirements of these advanced applications, with multiple models for gauge, absolute and differential pressures. Yokogawa is not a new name in the pressure measurement industry, with over four decades of experience with transmitters for the monitoring of pressure in critical industrial applications. The MT300 now makes use of the well known proprietary silicon based resonant sensor technology, offering the high levels of accuracy and stability required for use as an international calibration transfer standard. The MT300 has an absolute accuracy of pressure measurement of 0.01% with a guaranteed period of 12 months. With an informative, intuitive colour display and a battery powered option, it is ideally suited for an array of pressure based applications, from ventilation extraction systems to vacuum packaging and even suction cup palletising. The agreement marks the beginning of a new partnership for delivering best-in-class testing solutions to potential customers in France. The two companies aim to work together regarding product sales and development, thereby strengthening their position as competent partners in the field of software testing. B/Acceptance delivers quality business process management and testing solutions to meet industry-precise business needs of larger companies. Testbirds’ Crowdtesting services are an ideal addition to the B/Acceptance portfolio as they offer access to more than 400,000 testers, as well as 900,000 devices, all over the world. Together, Testbirds and B/Acceptance can offer comprehensive and efficient software testing solutions, improving coverage not only regarding device fragmentation but especially for usability and UX. “Through this partnership we will further strengthen our position as a leading software testing and business process modelling specialist, by extending our offering with Testbirds’ bespoke Crowdtesting services. More specifically, this partnership will enhance our support for our international clients (from luxury and retail sectors) to satisfy their global customers”, says Jean- Olivier Penin, Founding Director at B/Acceptance. “We are very pleased to have found a strong partner in Testbirds as a leading Crowdtesting provider – we appreciate the quality and flexibility of their offered solutions. We are now able to offer a fully managed Crowdtesting solution to our clients, helping them create even better digital products and services.” “We’re happy to be partnering with B/Acceptance, who are well-aligned with our vision for the future of software testing. This partnership will bundle our activities with the aim of opening up new opportunities for both parties. Together with B/Acceptance, we’re glad to offer our combined service offerings to the French market and are looking forward to maintaining a strong relationship over the coming years”, says Richard Waldner, Head of Partner Management at Testbirds.