Blue Umbrella Official Feb 2020 issue - Page 8

Ways To Stay Connected at A OA By Trinity H. There is always a fear of trying new things. That fear of the unexpected can hold you back from truly enjoying where you are in the moment. That?s what happened during my first year at AOA. This year, however, I decided to change that. And I have no regrets. Whether you aren?t sure what to expect or are just nervous to try the activities AOA has, I encourage you to try them. There are so many ways to meet new people and explore new activities. There are consistent groups that meet once a month, including the following: The Cooking Club, Writer?s Block, and The Blue Umbrella. Writer?s Block: Writer?s Block is a great place to connect with other writers! The class meets once a month and is taught by Mrs. Parnell. Her goal for this group is to help teach aspiring authors and young writers. She says that, ?As an author, I want to share what I've learned with students who are also aspiring writers.? It is a fun and creative way to grow in your writing, encourage peers, and explore new ways to write. If you?re debating on whether or not to join, Mrs. Parnell encourages all those interested to stop in. ?Anyone who enjoys writing or wants to write better can join! Whether you're just discovering your interest in creative writing or have been writing creatively for some time, we welcome writers of all skill levels.? The Cooking Club: The Cooking Club is an awesome place for all those students who love to be in the kitchen. Whether you like to cook from scratch or prefer to bake from a box, the cooking club is for you. The club meets once a month and is supervised by Ms. Escobedo. This club is student-run with the positions of president and