Blue Umbrella Official Feb 2020 issue - Page 22

New Year, New Beginnings By Erica L. Looking through the window?s glass. Feeling like the freshman class. Now what?s one good possibility? A new beginning, yes, you see. So nervous for saying ?bye?to the past. The New Year has come at last. Take a deep breath of life. Now breathe out all the death. What will this bring? Was it worth the waiting? A million tragic possibilities run through my head. No, I should think good things instead! This could be the start of something great! Maybe we will throw away the hate! Let?s start with a good step. That?s what we should do, this challenge I accept. Oh, but the scary thoughts keep coming back. God, fill me full this new year. May my joy be sheer. Here today, New Year?s on, I shall have joy from noon to dawn. Now I look toward the future with great expectations. God will meet me at each destination. I will greet each day differently now. You may ask me how. To that I reply, my realization gives me a happy lift. The realization that this new year is a gift. I must get my thoughts back on track!