Blue Umbrella Official Feb 2020 issue - Page 20

Think about when you squirted every perfume in the store on your wrist!? ?When we went and saw Hamilton,? Giselle whispered. ?Or when we challenged each other on who could drink more chocolate milk.? Giselle snorted as she started laughing, ?And half the milk went up your nose!? ?Shh, people can hear you!? ?What about when I went and bought you a turtle to remember me by?? Giselle winked. ?Yurtle the Turtle will forever remain on my bed.? ?And when you got your driver?s license, I was the proudest best friend on this planet.? Kayra smiled blinking back tears, ?Oh Giselle! I?m gonna miss you so much!? ?I don?t think you?re going to be able to make it without me.? With mock pride, Kayra scoffed, ?I do believe you are wrong, miss. I can do perfectly well on my own. ?Yeah right. Tell me the next time you burn the eggs, flip the pancake onto the floor, and accidentally drop your lemonade from your apartment balcony again.? did.? ?Wait a sec! These were all things you ?LIAR! You did those, Ms. Jones!? ?Whatever you say, Ms. Berger.? ?Don?t say it so loud.? Giselle pouted. ?Giselle, you need to go.? Kayra?s dad hugged Giselle. Giselle turned to Kayra, ?I love you. Goodbye.? ?Until next time, my best friend.?