Blue Umbrella Official Feb 2020 issue - Page 19

"Kayra, you did not kill her. Look into my eyes. You did not kill her. You are not the reason that she isn?t here anymore.? Kayra?s tears slowed and her heart felt unexpectedly lighter. After fours years of hiding her pain, of concealing her hurt, it was all let out. ?Thank you, Giselle.? She finally whispered. ?I love you, Kay.? ?I love you too.? ?*** ?Your mom would be proud.? Kayra?s dad told her as they walked toward the DMV. Kayra had finally worked up the courage to get her permit Giselle walked beside her and squeezed her hand, ?You?ve got this, girlie girl.? Kayra?s stomach felt a bit queasy as they walked. This was it. She was going to do it. She had already passed the written test with a ninety-five percent. Now? now it was the actual driving part. Kayra slipped into the driver?s seat and with a quick smile at Giselle, she started the car. *** "Told you!? Giselle winked across that table as they ate their celebratory ice cream. Kayra laughed, ?So is this what it feels like to be wrong? I?ve never felt it before.? ?YES! YOU ADMIT IT! YOU ARE ALWAYS WRONG! YOU DON?T FEEL IT BUT YOU SHOULD!? Kayra playfully covered her face with one hand, ?I have no idea who this crazy person is.? ?THIS IS MY BEST FRIEND AND SHE FINALLY GOT HER PERMIT!? Kayra smiled, ?I still don?t know this person.? *** ?I don?t think I?m going to go.? Giselle pouted. ?What do you mean? You have your ticket! We?re at the airport! You have to go!? ?I don?t want to leave you!? ?Oh, Elle.? Giselle burst into tears, ?Can?t I stay?? ?Think about the good things, Giselle.