Blue Umbrella Official Feb 2020 issue - Page 18

Hear tfelt Dreams Par t 2 By Trinity H. and Emily S. In continuation of last issue's story. ?Why won?t you drive?? ?I?m scared!!? ?You?re in complete control!!? ?SO WAS MY MOM!? Kayra sat back down, fighting back the tears that threatened to spill. Giselle inhaled sharply, ?Kayra, I-I didn?t? I didn?t know.? Kayra had never, ever talked about her mom. ?It?s fine.? Kayra said refusing to let Giselle see how hurt she really was. ?No, hon, it ain?t.? Kayra looked at her best friend and memories flooded back. Tears fell down her cheeks as she fell into Giselle?s embrace. All the emotions that had been locked for years, the emotions that had been concealed from all humanity, the emotions that burned a hole in her heart, came out on Giselle?s shoulder in the form of tears. Giselle rubbed her best friend?s back, ?Shh? you?re good. You?re gonna be good. I promise. We got this.? She bit her lip, hoping that Kayra was okay. Praying with all her might that everything was going to be okay. She?d never seen Kayra like that, and it was terrifying her. Her best friend was not okay, and she?d triggered it. Kayra took a deep breath and without looking up, poured out the story, ?There was this light show that our church held every year right before Christmas. I-I had wanted to go so bad ,but my family never went because we were too busy with the holidays and all. But? my youth group was going and invited me. I was so excited, but the roads were icy. Mom didn?t want to drive while they were so dangerous. I begged. I pleaded. And? . she gave in.? Kayra broke down into another fit of sobs ,then she drew in a deep shuddering breath and continued, ?We made it just outside of the neighborhood when? when the car slipped on ice. We started spinning and Mom didn?t have any control anymore. Then it was over. We stopped. My arm was broken and I had a blood streaming down my leg.? Kayra pulled up her leggings and pointed to her knee, ?It left a scar. That?s why I never wear shorts.? Giselle?s eyes filled with tears, ?I?m so sorry, you never told me.? Kayra blinked back tears, refusing to cry anymore, ?The car hit a tree? Mom didn?t make it. It was my fault! I killed her? I-I am the reason she isn?t here anymore.? Kayra sobbed her heart out as Giselle attempted to calm her down.