Blue Umbrella Official Feb 2020 issue - Page 17

course, gossip about the previous play. After we were all ready, we did a quick run-through of our play, and then the waiting began.We paced backstage, occasionally stopping someone else to straighten their hat, put another bobby pin in their hair, fix a suit coat, pinch their cheek, or just simply ask if we were going to live. We didn?t know where our director was, as he had other backstage work to do, and that was also terrifying. Then, it happened. Over the loudspeakers, the five minute call was given. A handful of girls joined together to pray, and even though I was Christian and the rest of the troupe was Muslim, we all took hands and prayed together. Then, a deep breath, hugs, and off to the curtain. We took our places silently, our hearts pounding in our chests, and our breaths cut short. The lights focused on our faces, and we did the play that we knew like the back of our hand. None of us remember how we did the play. We don?t remember our mistakes, or what we did best. All we remember was that, after the show, our director gave us an 8/10, and then we were free to greet our friends and family that had come to cheer us on. It was almost eleven that night by the time everyone got home. Our excitement and exhaustion levels were high, but I wouldn?t have traded that night, and the feeling I got when the lights came on, for anything else.