Blue Umbrella Official Feb 2020 issue - Page 15

What was your question again? Well, I guess my answer depends. Depends on whether you are willing to hear. You are? Well, trustworthy you do appear. So, you ask what meaning I have found. Well, I think love should abound! What? Oh, you think that?s the same old same old. I think more love than we?ve given we can hold. Where from does all this love come? From the one who loves us much more than just some. Yes! The one from above. The one who is in fullness love. The one who has been from the start. He?s always in our lives been a part. Hmm? You ask me whom? Well, God, the creator, the King! My, you seem surprised. Would you like me to summarize? Ok, in short, My, this sounds too much like a report. It really is simple. He?s as sweet as a dimple. He is as strong as a rock. He designs beauty, even chalk! Valentine?s Day is a day of love. It is now characterized by all the things above. Now the meaning we have found. Now let us allow love to abound