Blue Umbrella Official Feb 2020 issue - Page 14

Love Abounds By Erica L. Valentine?s Day is a day of Love, Often characterized by kisses and hugs. Could there be more than that? No, I don?t mean you should get a cat. I?m asking if there?s something deeper. A reason this holiday is a keeper. Are you still confused? Wait, why are you amused? Please, take this seriously. No, I?m not speaking deliriously. May I explain? Stop that! I am not insane! Clearly you aren?t listening anymore. I shall leave through that door. Ah, beautiful scent of flowers around. Is that man searching the ground? Sir, can I help you? Oh, sorry I startled you. Yes sir, I asked what I can do. You?re looking for the meaning? Oh sorry, I wasn?t trying to sound demeaning. May I ask what meaning you are trying to dish? Let me rephrase, the meaning that to find is your wish? Oh! The meaning of Valentine?s Day? I?m searching, too! That?s the truth, I say!