Blue Umbrella Official Feb 2020 issue - Page 12

By Sabrina B. Google Docs was started in 2012 and, at present, has almost 1 billion users per day. The question may be asked, what is Google Docs? It practically is the online version of Microsoft Word. There is no need for it to be downloaded on a device and it works effortlessly. It can be used for work, school or even just for fun. According to, Google Docs can import, create, edit and update documents and spreadsheets in various fonts and file formats, combining text with formulas, lists, tables, and even images. To use Google Docs, go to and choose either a blank document or a template document. A great feature regarding Google Docs is that it auto saves, so there will be no loss of documents. At Alpha Omega Academy, the student is allowed to choose between two options when completing a project: Word Documents or Google Documents. The project assignment shows a step-by-step on how to submit the project. To submit a project via Google Docs, complete the following steps: - First, access the Google Doc version of the project (provided through a link) - Click on ?File? - ?Make a Copy? (if the option is grayed out, a sign-in into a Google account will be necessary) - Next, edit the name of the file, by changing ?Lastname? to your (the student?s) last name - Follow the instructions and complete the project - When finished with the project, go and click ?Share? - ?Get shareable link? - Copy this link - Go back to your project assignment and paste the link into the question?s text box. - Finally, submit the assignment.