Blue Umbrella Official BU October 2019 - Page 2

3 in this issue you'll find · school · 3 - academ ic su ppor t 4,5 - gen iu s dash boar d 6 - open h ou se 7 - get to k n ow you r teach er s 8 - l ate n ite l abs 9 - cook in g cl u b · S distractions of other students or the awkward moments of asking your question only to be told it wasn?t your turn. · features · That?s not all though. Not only does bookings provide help visually but, you can also book a phone call. Instead of having to leave a message and be called back at the worst time imaginable, you can be guaranteed to get a phone at a time that is good for you. h ow to get - 10 teach er s' h el p col l ege - 11 appl ication By Trinity H. l ear n fr om - 12 M oses Al ask a - 13 poem - 14 th an k fu l - 15 pu m pk in social m edia - 16,17 Have you ever joined an online whiteboard hour and been terrified to ask a question with so many other students listening? What about having to wait until your teacher finishes working with the numerous students that joined ahead of you. Well, this year, AOA is introducing a new way to visually work with your teacher. Online bookings! While it has many features that online whiteboard hours had, it has a few details that make it even better. Instead of waiting for other students to finish, you can book a session one-on-one with your teacher. ?A teacher can give the student undivided attention,? says Mr. Born, a math teacher here at AOA. Each session is fifteen minutes long, and is pre-booked so you know exactly when you will get help. Mrs. Ellis, our principal, states that, ?If we didn?t have the bookings, teachers may still run into the same problems of many kids needing help at the exact same time.? Now, with bookings, there will be no more There are also few small details that make life a little easier. Rather than having to change your teacher ?s time zone to yours, the bookings website does it automatically for you. The bookings website also makes it easy for you to reschedule your session, as long as you book the session eleven hours in advance. When you do book a session, you will get an email confirming your session details. The idea of online booking came about last year when too many students would join online whiteboard hour. Mrs. Ellis stated that, ?Last school year, we noticed an increased use of online whiteboard hours where students could join in an open room throughout the day. However, we also noticed that many times the sessions would be packed full of people and some students weren?t getting their questions answered.? That?s not all though, she adds that, ?It can be a little scary to ask all your questions with everyone else is hanging out there too? which is something we can all attest to. Online bookings create an atmosphere for students to become more comfortable with their teacher and to no longer have to shy away from online whiteboard hours. Online bookings will add just one more thing to make this year, the best year yet. C H O O L