Blue Umbrella Official BU October 2019 - Page 16

16 · F E A T U R E S 17 W h at i s i t l i ke to go · During these past three weeks, I learned so much about myself, social media, and the effect it has upon people. This is an experiment that I definitely recommend for everyone to try, and to turn into a regular habit to unplug every now and then, to be able to enjoy life in a healthy way. 3 w eeks w i th ou t Soci al Medi a Story and Art by Sammy C. In actuality we live in such a fast-paced world centered around social media; and, even though it is only a tool, its use is what determines whether it is a good or bad thing in our lives. After being seven years connected to social media without taking a long break away from it, I found myself in an unhealthy condition focusing more on other people?s lives rather than my own. This made me decide to take a three-week break from it, deleting all social media apps from all my devices. Fortunately, through this experiment I obtained all positive, and no negative, results, and I?m about to share them with you. - I had no chance to compare myself to others.This is something that I struggle a lot with. I used to compare myself not only to how other girls look (thinking they are prettier, skinnier, and better than me), but also to what others are doing (traveling, graduating, and accomplishing projects), which made me feel like I was doing less than them. Not being able to compare myself to others made me appreciate my own beauty and my own accomplishments. - I was able to organize my priorities. A common and popular instinct of the modern world is to check our emails, news, and social media right after we wake up. Without the chance to do this, I was able to concentrate on what was the first thing that I did in my day, which I decided to be to read my devotionals. This gave me the chance to reconnect with God and to prepare for the rest of my day filled with God?s word. - I had more time to be productive. One of the most stressful things for me is to feel like I?m not being productive or like I did not accomplish something every day. The time I used to waste on social media was now used for completing tasks and filling my day with productive thoughts and actions. - I did not fall in any bandwagons. Unconsciously, we are constantly drawn towards following popular trends, either in clothing, vocabulary, or even emotions. These types of trends make us want to fit in, which makes us lose our true essence and what makes us ourselves. During these three weeks, I chose what I wore based on my own personal taste, not what someone else wore or inspired me to wear. Also, I was able to shake off all of those contagious depressive emotions that have been increasingly shared on social media this year. - I was 100% conscious about myself. Even though there are tough times, not having access to social media forced me to face my problems instead of running away from them by distracting myself on an app. Also, I not only was aware of my activities but also of my goals including something so simple such as my water intake, which improved, and I was finally able to accomplish one of my most awaited goals. Once I completed my three-week break, I went back and downloaded the apps I had deleted. The first thing I did was to delete and unfollow all of the people that I was comparing myself to and those who did not contribute anything beneficial for my mind and life. Then I analyzed my posts, deleted whatever wasn't necessary to be posted, and committed myself to a new fresh start. After doing that, I honestly don?t feel the necessity to distract myself with other people and their lives. Now, every time I enter one of those apps, it only takes me five minutes to check what my friends have shared, and after that, there is not much else to do. I personally don?t want to go back to where I was before my break because I learned how dangerous it can be. Here are some things that I want all of us to remember: - Social media is not bad, it actually is a quite useful medium of communication. However, it requires being used wisely; if not, it can lead to a self-destructive state. - Nothing should ever take up the first place in our lives other than God. Our relationship with Him must always be our #1 priority. - Just because something is popular or trendy, and everyone else is doing it, it does not mean it is good for you.We were all created beautifully by God, and He made us all different, so we should not compare ourselves or our lives to others?. God also has a different purpose and plan for each of us; nobody will be running at the same speed or on the same path. F E A T U R E S