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8 9 · · S C H Navigat ing Lat e Nit e Labs A D V O O E By Chloe P. R L T I S If you took Biology or Chemistry last year, you'll notice that things are a little bit different this year. Instead of having your account information sent to you, you will need to go to Hayden-McNeil's website and register. Mrs. Strand, the head of the Science Department, advises students to ?note what you set up for their login information so that you can access Hayden McNeil (HM) throughout the course.? Before you begin, you should have received an email from your Education Coordinator with an access code. To register, you will go to the Hayden-McNeil website (the link should be provided in the email with your access code), create a user name and password, select Alpha Omega Academy as your school, and enter the access code your education coordinator sent you. If you can't select the right course or it says that the access code was already used, please contact your teacher. Mrs. Anderson, one of the Biology teachers at AOA, says that they sometimes have to ?manually enroll? students into the course. After that, you will just have to click on the lab name to go in and complete the lab. Be careful: the labs are arranged by alphabetical order, not the order you will need to do them in! A couple of things that you need to keep in mind is that notes are no longer saved in Late Nite Labs. There is a page for lab notes and a button that says, ?Save?, but it does not work. You will need to either write your data down on paper or record it in the lab report document from AOA. Also, for the Biology labs that require slide identification, you need to save them in HM, not paste them in the lab report. There is a timer at the bottom of the screen, but that is simply for your convenience if you need to do something for a specific amount of time. Mrs. Anderson encourages students to do the lab ?as many times as they need to.? As far as actually doing the labs, HM provides a lot of background information about the lab before it shows the link to the lab. Mrs. Anderson urges students to carefully read the material because the pre-lab questions in your coursework at AOA are based on the background information. She also says that computers are computers. ?They do what you say, not what you want. Be patient, be careful, and follow the lab instructions exactly.? Your teachers are just a help note, phone call, or a booking appointment away and they are here to help. Please contact them if you have any questions or need help with a lab. E The Cooking Club is a place for AOA students who enjoy cooking, baking, and participating in food challenges and service projects. The Cooking Club meets monthly and is moderated by Ms. Escobedo. Students decide on cooking challenges to do at home during the month, as well as a service project to do during the semester. At each meeting, students have the opportunity to share their results and recipes. Come join us! Our next meeting will be held on Tuesday, November 12, 2019, at 2:00 PM (Central Standard Time). M E N T