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6 7 · S Get t o Know Your Teacher s: C H O O L By Emily S. AOA hosted a series of Open Houses the last week of September. The Open Houses were started as opportunities for students and parents to be introduced to new things that are going on in the AOA community and to meet their teachers. During the first Open House of the week, students were given opportunities to enter into rooms with their teachers for what in a brick and mortar school would be known as ?meet the teacher?. All three Open Houses covered topics such as the new Bible requirement, which requires students to take one semester of Bible per year; AOA?s new Honor Roll, which acknowledges 4.0/A/B students quarterly; Counselor Cafe?s, a way for student of the same ages and grades to meet one another in a safe atmosphere with the school counselors; along with ways to meet teachers. 3)If you could pass any wisdom to your students, what would it be and why? Take advantage of the good teachings of your family, especially if your family teaches you about Christ. I learned a lot of my Bible from my dad reading the Bible. 4)What is one talent or skill you possess that your students would be surprised to know about you? I create planters for my wife?s flowers. We have a stock tank planter in our backyard. 5)As a child, what was your favorite Bible verse? What is your favorite Bible verse now? As a child, John 3:16 was my favorite Bible verse because I was taught in Bible school to put my name in the verse. Now, my favorite Bible verse is Luke 12:48. With that Bible verse, I realized I had been given so much from a spiritual heritage, and I thought I should give back from the same area. Mr . Bouwman By Monica A. Mr. Bouwman is a teacher at Alpha Omega Academy. He learned about AOA from his mother-in-law after she saw their advertisement, and she told him and his wife about it. Since then, Mr. Bouwman has been a beloved AOA Bible teacher. 1)When you were a child, what did you want to be when you grew up? I thought I was going to be a farmer. I went away from home to a technical school, and there I realized how much I had received from the Lord and as a Christian from my parents. I felt that God wanted me to work in the area of ministry. 2)What would you say is the best piece of advice you have ever been given? Always make time for the Word of God. 6)What is one thing you have always wanted to learn? How to decipher what my wife really means in contrast to what she says. 7)How did you spend your last vacation? I spent it at a lake cottage in Wisconsin with my three married sons and my seven grandchildren. We tried fishing, but we didn?t catch any fish. 8) What would be the perfect way to spend your weekend? The perfect way to spend your weekend would be doing some sort of service project with family members and worshiping the Lord. 9)If you could have any superpower, what would it be and why? The power to get all of my work done with time to spare because I?m slower than some, and I have a lot of work. 10)What do you love most about AOA? I think that Bible teachers have a great advantage through the service projects that are in the Bible courses. We see what students across the world are doing, and in grading we sometimes get to dialogue with students about serious faith questions. Those are the things I love the most: just seeing what kids are doing and what they think. · S C H O O L