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4 · S 5 Genius Dashboard · S By Sabr in a B. C H C Getting Around Our School Halls H O O O O L You are probably already familiar with the Genius Dashboard, but you may not be aware of several new features that have been added this year. Here?s what's new for students this year: Student ID You may have noticed at the end of your last year that you can now print your own AOA Student ID. All you have to do is upload a photo of yourself, then click on where it says ?Get Student ID? and now you are able to just press print. Graduation Plan L In the next few weeks you will soon be able to find out your minimum credits required for graduation. To see this upcoming feature, go to the ?Course Plan? page and there you will be able to see the number of credits that you already have and the number that you still need for graduation. Also, you will see some class recommendations so that you will have an adequate number of credits for graduation. Teacher Booking Links This addition to dashboard is now more important than ever before. You will find the new teacher booking links there. By clicking on the gradebook tab, you are able to see a link where you can set up a meeting with your teacher. Go check it out, I think you will like it. School Calendar The School Calendar has some new updates added to it. The calendar now includes days when you have no work assigned as well as the days Alpha Omega staff and teachers are out of the office. To see these calendar features log on to your dashboard and you will see them listed under ?Upcoming Events?. To see the full list of calendar events click on ?See More Events? for more details. Unofficial Transcript Want to see what courses you earned credits for so far? Look for the soon to be released ?View Transcript? menu option. This page will show you your unofficial transcript. The transcript will include your current GPA, list of completed courses and credits earned for those courses. You can print this transcript for use as you begin your college application process. One thing you will want to remember though, is that it is unofficial, so in order to access a copy of the official transcript, you will still have to request an official version from the AOA Records Department. But, having access to this will help you plan your courses for next year, send applications to colleges, and check your GPA. It may contain a few errors in it, but it will give you a good overview of your credits and GPA. External Links and more Here are a couple of sometimes forgettable things that you can do from your dashboard page. The Dashboard is your one-stop for all of the information you may need. You can go into ?External Links? and see the ?Virtual Campus? which includes all the school policies, course study guides, the Student Center (which is the place to go to meet some of the friendly students of AOA) and other information. From the Dashboard, you are also able to see your upcoming assignments, see your activity (how long you took on assignments,) and contact the school. If you haven't explored all the features, go check them out now!