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14 15 · · F · e n c o u n t e r · E A T By Er ica L. U Lifting my head, I squint at the brightness R I shield my eyes from the whiteness E Who could this be? Could I dare say it?s He? S I fall to my knees in utter amazement Shaking my head from its dazedness I open my mouth to adore Him Moving my lips, no sound comes from them In that moment He embraced me It's pumpkin season! Pumpkin pie, pumpkin spice...pumpkin everything! Here's a pumpkin craft that the whole family can do to remind you of the reason for the season. You can do it using either construction paper or an actual pumpkin. (Paper might be easier for younger children unless you plan to write on the pumpkin for them.) No other thing compared to it Materials: Not a pillow could be softer, For younger people: Orange construction paper, pencil/pen/crayons. Instead I speak, ?Lord, I have not known ?til now.? He smiles, ?I know, my child, I?ve loved you just the same.? Not a blanket could be more comforting. Here?s what you?ll do: ?Why would you love me?? For Younger People: Now His face is all I could see, But I fall again in frustration ?You are My beloved child. Why am I not able? I made you and knew you long before your birth.? I hear a sweet voice calling my name He said it?s always the same No other thing on earth mattered My Lord knew me, He knows me! As slowly the drab room around me reappears He says, ?Do you not know? I loudly burst into tears I want to say, ?Yes, I know, my Lord!? But how could I say such words without doubt? 1. Using your orange construction paper, draw or cut out the outline of a pumpkin. 2. Write or draw on the pumpkin what you are thankful for. For Everyone else: My Lord grabs my hand and helps me All you need is ask and I will help you be free.? For Everyone else: Pumpkin and a black marker or Sharpie ?My Lord?? I asked in a shaking voice I try to stand to dance in exaltation I feel so unstable! By: Ch loe P. THANKFUL PUMPKI N No greater words will ever be said No greater hug will ever be had My Lord?s presence will never be outdone My Lord, He loves me! 1. Find a pumpkin: Depending on how many people are participating and how long you intend to do it, you'll need to find a small to medium-sized pumpkin. 2. Start writing: Each day have family members will write one thing that they are thankful for. Start writing around the stem and work your way down to the bottom of the pumpkin. You might want to place a dot between each separate entry. 3. Display your pumpkin: Your pumpkin would make a great Thanksgiving centerpiece! Or use the pumpkin as a great reminder to be thankful. F E A T U R E S