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10 11 · · F E A T U R E S Applying for How To Get Help From Your Teachers College By Monica A. For all seniors at AOA, the college deadlines are looming over our heads. Which college is going to be our early action/decision college? Are we even going to have one? How many colleges are we going to apply to? And, what do we write our supplemental essays about with so many prompts to choose from? By Rebekah V. Here at AOA, there are many different ways to get in touch with your teachers. But what exactly are they? Below are the best ways to contact your teachers. Call your teacher directly. You can call your teacher directly at AOA. The number is 800-682-7396 and once you call in, you are given instructions to enter the teacher?s extension number. The extension number is a four digit number, and each teacher has their own. Once you punch in your teacher?s extension number, you are directed to their line, and from there you can go over your questions on the phone. Send your teacher a help note. One quick and easy way to contact your teacher is by utilizing the help notes found right in an assignment. Through the help notes, you are able to directly message your teacher with a specific question to a problem. Your teacher is then able to reply directly to your message. This is very convenient because you can see when a teacher replies to your message because the notification pops up in the messages tab in your coursework. Schedule a booking appointment. The teachers at AOA are able to meet with you virtually through a scheduled appointment. These one-on-one interactions with your teachers are easy to set up and are important to getting help specifically in your courses. Teachers hold booking appointments every day, and you can schedule to have 15 minutes with them virtually or over the phone. Email your teacher. Emailing your teacher is another quick way to reach out with questions. A lot of times teachers are unable to take phone calls, so emailing your teacher with questions ensures a quicker response. This is especially helpful when you need help over the weekend when the support line is not open. Communication with your teachers does not have to be tricky, and they are always looking forward to help their students in any way possible, whether that is through sending a quick help note, giving you a call, or meeting with you virtually. We may get rather stressed out about all the things we have to do, but in this time of great pressure it is important to praise the Lord and ask Him for His guidance. We may be overwhelmed, but all will be over soon. To relieve some of the stress, however, there are some things you can do. Keep a schedule that is easy to understand and view. You may want to have this someplace you will see everyday. Annotate all your colleges and keep track of all the deadlines. Additionally, ask the people who you wish to be your recommending teachers for a recommendation as early as possible, and be sure to provide them with anything they need. Sending a curriculum describing each of your activities and accomplishments could be helpful for your recommending teachers. Keep in mind, though, that they too are busy, so you should not expect your recommendation the next day. This is why it is important to give your recommending teachers enough time. Brainstorm ideas for your essays, and write them all down. You can come back to your list later and decide which topics are suitable. Lastly, trust in God that all will go according to His plan for you. If you have yet to create a Common Application or MyCoalition account, do so as soon as possible. If your colleges do not need an account in any of these platforms, then create an account at the college?s website as soon as possible. And if you have a question during your college application process, do not hesitate to ask someone whom you know is equipped to help you. Among the people able to help you is your Academic Counselor. You may want go in touch with him or her as early as you can. They have all the tools to help you, and extra help should always be welcomed. Check your essays. Read over them as much as is possible to avoid any grammatical errors. Check for spelling, grammar, and word choice. You want the admission officer who will read your essay to resonate with you, so you want to write your essays about something meaningful to you. Whether you choose to write your essays about significant experiences or a particular passion, you should strive for your admission officer to feel as though they want to get to know you more. At the end of the day, the question they are asking themselves is, ?why should we choose this student above other applicants??. You do not want to leave everything to the last minute, so please start right away. Keep in mind that God is with you. When things seem to get too hard, take a moment to talk to Him. He will be your guide, and He will be the One to choose your future plans. F E A T U R E S