Blue and Gold Spring | Summer 2021 Volume 2 • Issue 1 - Page 82

The William Mahood Society
The William Mahood Society is named for the state Senator from Bluefield , who , in 1895 , introduced the sponsoring legislation that created the College ’ s forerunner , the Bluefield Colored Institute .
This Society recognizes the LIFETIME contributions individuals , couples and organizations .
The Hamilton Hatter Society
The Hamilton Hatter Society is named for the first principal of the Institute . He bought the land , erected the first building , hired staff and supervised the school during its first , critical years .
This Society recognizes those whose significant ANNUAL contributions are essential to the ongoing operations of the College .
The Booker T . Washington Society
The Booker T . Washington Society is named for the famed educator and West Virginia native .
This Society is reserved for those who wish to support the College through DEFERRED GIVING or ESTATE PLANNING .
The 1895 Society
The 1895 Society is named for the year of the College ’ s founding .
This Society admits members who have donated to the College in any amount during the current fiscal year .
Capehart concluded , “ My development team and I have been meeting with individuals who have expressed strong endorsements of our strategy and accomplishments .
“ We have even bigger plans and look forward to engaging with those who support our critical role in the future of this region .”
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More information about these Societies can be found our website : www . bluefieldstate . edu / impact