Blue and Gold Spring | Summer 2021 Volume 2 • Issue 1 - Page 61

From L to R : Bluefield State Board of Governors Chair Rev . Garry Moore , Coach David Woodrum , Franco Di Benedetto , DJ Bailey , Cristian Galdeano , Wayne Brookman , Jack Clout .
Day 3 started with the Big Blue having an outside shot at a third-place finish . But three days of 90-degree heat and high humidity seemed to sap the Mountain State men . They finished in fourth place behind winner Miles College . Di Benedetto repeated his 80 from the day before , good enough for fourth place overall .
Other team members who finished in the top 20 included Cristian Galdeano who finished ninth and Jack Clout who finished twentieth .
Besides the prestige of playing on this tough , beautiful course , Galdeano brought home one bragging right : He birdied the famed 17th hole .
It ’ s a par three set on an island that makes even professionals sweat when eyeing it up from the tee box .
Coach David Woodrum summed up the experience , “ We definitely fell short of what we were trying to accomplish . But it was an amazing time nonetheless . I ’ m extremely proud of the team and what they accomplished this season . They earned the right to be here .”