Blue and Gold Spring | Summer 2021 Volume 2 • Issue 1 - Page 32

Honors College students will live in cottages reserved exclusively for them .

honors college accepts top students

This fall , Bluefield State College will admit eight students into its first Honors College class .
This college was created to provide a unique experience for students interested in an advanced level of academic achievement , making them more prepared and competitive in their future graduate studies and careers . Selection was made after a competitive application process that included an essay and interview .
All Honors College students will receive last-dollar scholarships . These are scholarship dollars added to the Expected Family Contribution and other financial aid that cover the remaining costs for tuition , fees and books .
In addition , they will receive a housing stipend for the new honors cottages located on campus .
Students are expected to maintain a minimum 3.25 GPA while taking augmented curricula .