Blue and Gold - Fall 2021 | Winter 2022 Volume 2 - Issue 2 - Page 4

Capehart ’ s Corner expanding and sharing

high horizons


his summer President Robin Capehart delivered his third State of the College address since arriving in 2019 . To summarize the dramatic changes that have happened since then , he invoked a popular observation attributed to former German Chancellor Konrad Adenauer , “ We all live under the same sky , but we all don ’ t share the same horizon .”
He explained , “ When we arrived at Bluefield State in January of 2019 , we found a situation in which the horizon of this campus failed to reach beyond the next day … Fiscal decisions were made on a day-to-day basis .”
“ We all live under the same sky , but we all don ’ t share the same horizon .”
- Former German Chancellor Konrad Adenauer
He listed the discouraging state of affairs then :
• Enrollment declined 40 % over previous eight years
• Freshman class was down 45 % over the same period
• Nearly half of each freshman class – 46 % -- dropped out before their sophomore year
• Classified staff had dropped by more than a third
• Cumulative Financial Index ( CFI ) was a -1.94 , worst in the state
While many concluded closing was on the horizon , President Capehart and the team who joined him saw a different future . In his speech he summarized the intact assets worth building on :
• High-demand programs taught by high-quality faculty
• Caring , dedicated staff who “ go the extra mile ” to help students
• Supportive community willing to partner on initiatives of mutual benefit