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Competing for the Lescoe trophy has real world stakes. Major companies attend these competitions keeping a close eye on the best and brightest. Students are often recruited on the spot. Professor Hazelwood added, “School names go out the window there. All the companies care is about performance.” Engineering School Dean, Jacquelyn Madry-Taylor concluded, “We are very pleased with BSC’s Robotics Team and the outstanding work of the faculty who prepare them to participate in the competitions.” “We are pleased with BSC’s Robotics Team and the outstanding work of the faculty who prepare them to participate in the competitions.” - Jacquelyn Madry-Taylor, Engineering School Dean In 2008 and 2018 Bluefield State’s robotics teams won the Intelligent Ground Vehicle Competition (IGVC), brought home the prized Paul Lescoe Trophy and $3,000 cash. Here are the members of those teams: Silas Belden Cailan Blankenship John Browning James Cardwell Brad Fields Justin Milam Bryan Lemmon Lewin McAllister Tony McAllister Weston Monk • Dr. Robert Riggins, Faculty Advisor 2008 champions 16 BLUE AND GOLD Bluefield State alumna Sarah Spencer (nee Wikle) ’08 has written a book for people who want to improve their physical and spiritual health. • • • • • • • • Samuel Bauer Shonte’ Cargill Dani Fowler Adam Hammond Chris Knight William Lambert Clayton McChesney Evan Rees • Dr. Robert Riggins, Joseph Hazelwood, M.A., Faculty Advisors 2018 champions vibrational alignment A Holistic How-To for Better Health “Vibrational Alignment” (Balboa Press, 2020) offers a holistic approach for dealing with a range of ailments from chronic disease to mental illness. It is written from her personal experience as a health care professional. Past Champs! • • • • • • • • • • nursing & allied health paved the way towards a holistic, community-oriented approach on health and wellness. My degree opened the door to the various nursing opportunities that made this book possible.” “As a licensed Family Nurse Practitioner I saw many patterns and trends throughout my career that suggested a different foundation with which to address the mental health crisis, suicide crisis, chronic disease and band aid recommendations over the long term of an individual’s lifespan,” Spencer said in explaining why she wrote the book. This easy-to-understand guide empowers readers to seek more joy and appreciation in their daily lives. It offers a holistic approach that helps each person gain awareness and increase insight. Seekers of personal development and self-mastery will gain a modern perspective of the life experience from a “vibrational, energetic standpoint.” Regardless of life experience, Spencer offers specific steps that an individual can take that will lead to healing in body, mind and spirit. About her Bluefield State experience, Spencer said, “My experience at BSC provided a strong nursing foundation and a desire to make an impact in my career field. “The BSC nursing program was challenging and left a lasting impression on my heart. It Vibrational Alignment by Bluefield State College Alumna, Sarah Spencer ‘08 Following graduation Spencer went on to get a Master of Science in Nursing. For more information about “Vibrational Alignment,” visit WINTER 2020 17