Bliss Magazine Bliss Magazine Summer 2018 | Page 2

Openings 2 Letter From The Editor I Manifest Awakening 3 4 5 6 Awakening to Your Bliss The Power of Conscious Conversation 10 Traits of An Empath Staying Connected with Spirit During Challenging Times I Manifest Truth 7 Pain and the Pursuit of Happiness 8 The End Of The Affair 9 My Thoughts on Fear 10 Let’s Lose Control, Shall We? 11 Caretaking for Caregivers I Manifest Grace 13 Making Yourself Available to Grace 14 The Best Gift 15 Why Your Past Will Always Define You 16 Live Life as a Unicorn 19 Blissful Thinking: “The World is Plotting to Do Me Good” 20 Soil 21 This Is What Happens When You End it I Manifest Excitement About Life 23 Cultivating a Life You Love 01 Bliss Magazine Summer 2018