Blaze Magazine Issue 7: New Year, Better Me | Page 2

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Everest Finley, the most popular and admired guy in high school, has everything. From being rich to having the star position on the football team as the quarterback! But, it all goes down the drain when he is marked as a freak for attempting suicide. Everyone is against him, except for one female loner…

“So what happens when the loner and the freak come together?”

When Haley Geller’s life takes a bad turn due to an accident and rumors, she tries hard to see the brighter side of things. Then she finds someone… a Meth; but why is he so unlinked by many people? Is Meth not so good for Haley?

“A story love, trust, healing...And purple sneakers”

By: Teenagexnightmare

By: EnglishToffee17