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Note from the Editor

This is my first publication as editor of Mainbrace . Truth be told , when I was asked to be editor , I thought it was a joke , laughed and asked “ seriously ?” In short , I was concerned I was not up to the task . Well , “ why ” you may ask , “ seems like a simple and ordinary note for a law firm to pump out .” Not so my friends , not so . It is important to note that Mainbrace is not merely another “ publication ” generated by a law firm ’ s marketing team . Mainbrace is much more . Mainbrace has a long history of providing the maritime legal and business community with articles that are relevant to the then present-day industry concerns . It is a collaboration among skilled and talented lawyers who somehow find the time to author enlightening articles . Is Mainbrace the “ Gray Lady ”? No , but she is our lady and we hold her dearly .
Believe it or not , Mainbrace has been in publication since 1990 ! In fact , the first publication — Vol . 1 No . 1 — was issued in March 1990 by the law firm of Healy & Baillie , which joined Blank Rome in 2006 . “ How did it last so long ?” you ask . Simply put , the sustainability of Mainbrace is directly related to the efforts of Tom Belknap , who spearheaded the publication of Mainbrace for nearly 15 years . And should any of our readers desire to read ANY issue of Mainbrace since its first publication in March 1990 , Tom can supply you with a copy — all of which are safely tucked away in a binder in his office .
To Tom Belknap , our partner and friend : Bravo Zulu , Bravo Zulu !
I do not take lightly taking over the conn of Mainbrace from Tom and having to safely navigate her publication in the future . Admittedly , I won ’ t do so alone , for I am surrounded by a crew of brilliant legal minds who will supply me with articles to publish . And to them , I am grateful .
Lastly , to our readers , we take pride in every issue of Mainbrace we publish and will continue to author and publish meaningful and informative articles that meet your expectations . p – 2023 BLANK ROME LLP
EDITOR , Mainbrace
WILLIAM R . BENNETT III Partner 212.885.5152 william . bennett @ blankrome . com