BlackFriars Winter 2014

TheTrumpet Winter 2014 Dominican Foundation • Dominican Friars • Province of Saint Joseph Friars For Life: A FOCUS Missionary’s Perspective Photo Credit: Tom McCarthy, Jr., Catholic Review March for Life: Dominican friars and students converged on the capital­ like — these Johns Hopkins undergraduates marching alongside one of their campus chaplains, the bearded Fr. Dominic Bump, O.P. (pictured center left). By Pat Dunford I would have found them without their banner. Storming forward in black and white, and with as much purpose in their stride as they would carry in a challenge against the Summa. An uninformed British teenager once made the conjecture that one of our New York Dominican chaplains must be a Jedi based on his habit. If I’d had the chance to respond, I would have told him that they’re in possession of a much greater force, far more dangerous to the enemy. They are the preaching knights of the Catholic faith, and are armed with an arsenal of scholarly wisdom and a rich history of saints. I have had the privilege of serving with Fr. Allan White, O.P., and Fr. Austin Litke, O.P., at New York University over the past year-anda-half as a FOCUS missionary, and at no other time in my pilgrimage of faith have I been so grateful for the gift of religious life to the Church. Dominicans have a firm knowledge of the world and sound theology that has proven invaluable in the campus ministries they serve. Their welcome sense of humor only enhances the effectiveness of their approach. It’s clear the O.P. designation is far more than a tacked-on title to set the Dominicans apart. It’s rare to walk into Father Allan’s office at the Catholic Center at NYU as he prepares the day’s homily and see less than four literary sources bearing names longer than this article to supplement the Scriptures. Or to enter Father Austin’s workspace during his impromptu mandolin performances and overlook his notes on what clever “Downton Abbey” reference he’ll make on Sunday. This is no cold intellectualism or scholarship for its own sake; these men serve as an incarnational proclamation of the necessary complementarity of the Christian life of virtue and formation of the intellect. (Cont’d on page 5) BlackFriars Media App  | 1