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A Day In The Life Of...



Tell Us About Your Background.

Being born & raised in Belgium with Indian descent and educated in the British school with students over 100 nationalities, I have been blessed with an international outlook. This was further developed in my adult years as I lived in five countries across three continents with my current residence being in Dubai, UAE since the summer of 2007.

Although life has treated me very well having loving

parents, an amazing wife and wonderful children, I

would often feel something was missing. It was not until the spring of 2016 where I was on a trip to the magical island of Ibiza with seven of my dear friends, did I truly realise how euphoric life could be. We had all decided to non-judgement which meant I did not have to impress others or be someone I am not… I could just be me.

After coming back from this trip, I concluded that I had been shunning confrontation with everything around me for too long in order to be seen as Mr. nice guy. This process had created a lot of clutter which I was dragging around with me. It was time to make myself the #1 priority and break free from the clutter holding me down.

Now I am achieving more with less effort. I feel happier without seeking it. I no longer have any toxic relationships. I am waking up energised each day. I now share the tools and rituals in my break free framework with the world.

What Made You Get Into Entrepreneurship?

Although my father did not start his entrepreneurial journey until the age of 54, he treated his workplace as his own and would always share his experiences and introduce me to several of his key clients. In fact, several holidays were mixed where he would be meeting his clients for a few hours each day and spend the rest with us in countries in Europe and South East Asia, further expanding my global perspective.

After completing my masters in electronic & electrical engineering from UCL in the UK, I entered the job market starting as an investment banker and then moving into the world of diamonds thereafter. Based on the entrepreneurial environment I was