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Dear Friends ,

As we enter autumn , the season for new romances and great scenic beauty , we feel privileged to serve in an industry that is core to the emotional needs of human beings .
Each handcrafted piece of jewelry or Tudor timepiece that we deliver to our dear friends and neighbors serves as a priceless commemoration of life ’ s many milestones and achievements .
Erika MacLeod Jessica Embree Eylul Tascioglu
And this deep understanding of and appreciation for what makes these gifts truly special is why we have endured for centuries .
Eylul Tascioglu Perry Sporn
Michael Ian Carruthers
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Love Stories Photo Credit : Lauren Lenko Fall Wedding Destination Photo Credit :
Woodstone Country Club & Glasbern Luxury Historic Inn
Autumn is a time of great change , and we welcome whatever new challenges come our way , secure in the knowledge that our commitment to craft , sustainability , and our customers is unwavering .
Our Warmest Wishes , Perry Sporn and the entire Bixlers family