Birding & Wildlife Viewing Guide in Fernie Sept 2021

Spot these iconic species in the Elk Valley : Birds
Common Merganser Bufflehead Ruffed Grouse Great Blue Heron Osprey Bald Eagle Red-tailed Hawk Spotted Sandpiper Great Horned Owl Northern Pygmy-Owl Rufous Hummingbird Calliope Hummingbird Belted Kingfisher Northern Flicker Pileated Woodpecker Steller ’ s Jay Common Raven Violet-green Swallow Red-breasted Nuthatch Pacific Wren American Dipper Mountain Bluebird Varied Thrush Cedar Waxwing Yellow Warbler Townsend ’ s Warbler Dark-eyed Junco Western Tanager Red-winged Blackbird Common Grackle
Western Painted Turtle
Moose Rocky Mountain Elk Mule Deer White-tailed Deer Mountain Goat Bighorn Sheep Coyote Red Fox Grey Wolf North American River Otter American Pine Marten American Black Bear Grizzly Bear Little Brown Bat Snowshoe Hare Common Pika Beaver Muskrat Meadow Vole Deer Mice Red Squirrel Least Chipmunk Columbian Ground Squirrel Dusky Shrew
Fish , Amphibians & Reptiles
Westslope Cutthroat Trout Bull Trout Long-toed Salamander Western Toad Western Painted Turtle Common Garter Snake
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Seasonal Guided Hikes & Nature Tours

Scheduled and custom guided interpretive hikes , tours and float trips are available seasonally :
Hike Fernie I 250-531-0027 Wild Nature Tours & Workshops | 250-423-1682 Island Lake Lodge | 250-423-3700 Fernie Alpine Resort | 250-423-4655 Canyon Raft Company | 250-423-7226 Tunnel 49 Adventures | 250-423-5008 Fernie Wilderness Adventures | 250-423-6704

Fernie Valley Pathway

An easy , new and wide 5.3km paved path between the Fernie Visitor Centre and Mt Fernie Park Road .
Scenic Elk River Float
Local Birding Watching
Fernie Valley Pathway

Birding & Wildlife Viewing in Fernie

Rufous Hummingbird
Northern Pygmy-Owl
Northern Flicker
American Dipper
Common Grackle
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Moose Great Blue Heron