BioVoice News June 2016 Issue 2 Volume 1 - Page 6

readers’ forum “Dear Editor, I have been following Biovoice News on LinkedIn and have read many of the articles on your site. I should say I enjoyed reading them.” Divya Ramaswamy, from Bangalore “The cover story on Bt Cotton was highly interesting. It highlighted the need for amicable solution to the dispute between technology provider and Indian companies.” Rajesh Joshi, from IIT-Mumbai “I first came to know about BioVoice News on twitter and then latter read the magazine also. Now I regularly follow the stories on your site as well.” Vishal Chauhan, from Gurgaon “I enjoy reading the stories on BioVoice News regularly. Your recent cartoon on the state of primary health was much required.” Daisy Kanan, from Chennai “Read the interview of Mrs Menaakshi Lekhi on healthcare issues. It is rarely that somebody questions politicians on these issues. Great initiative and my best wishes to the BioVoice.” Dr Pankaj Gulati, from Delhi “The Cherry Blossom story was nicely put out and the documentary was highly 06 BioVoiceNews | June 2016 informative. I suggest there should be detailed stories on bio diversity and environment.” Gunjan Arora, from Mumbai Please send us your opinions on You can also send us your images along with the comments.