BioVoice News June 2016 Issue 2 Volume 1 - Page 36

health innovation Patient blood management: A concept ignored so far in India! While the developed nations already have a high end process for the effective blood management to prevent loss of lives during transfusion, the countries like India have been left far behind P BY SACHIN ARYA atient Blood Management (PBM) is an international initiative in the best practice for transfusion medicine. The concept was highlighted in 2010 by the World Health Assembly as an important concept to improve patient safety. And all World Health Organization (WHO) member states were requested to implement this concept in a timely manner to optimize use of blood products by taking clinical decisions informed by evidence and thereby save scarce blood. Australia, United States, Japan, most of European Union (EU), and some emerging economies have implemented the concept of PBM. India, as of now, has not developed or launched a protocol for PBM though the concept is in use in a limited way. A mind set change is critical to move towards PBM. PBM ensures improved patient outcomes by minimizing use of blood transfusion through evidence-based and targeted rather than behaviorbased use of blood products. This minimizes risks of mortality, morbidity, hospital acquired infection – sepsis – arising from RBC transfusion. It also leads to reduction in costs to patient, hospitals, and other stakeholders like medical insurance companies and blood banks. Where does India stand now? Meanwhile, in India the need for PBM is fast emerging due to various reasons 36 BioVoiceNews | June 2016 Vijyoti Education Foundation has taken a lead. It is a corporate social enterprise focused on pharma, healthcare and education sectors with a goal to improve lives by enabling transition from status-quo states of inefficiencies to innovative readiness, adoption and practice. that include increasing realization that transfusion needs to be evidenc