BioVoice News June 2016 Issue 2 Volume 1 - Page 32

women health Shame no more, it’s my right to get proper menstrual hygiene Women across the world including India have been unfairly looked down due to their menstrual cycles and other regular health complications. Only social awareness can be the key to break such stereotypical narratives BY BIOVOICE CORRESPONDENT MULTIMEDIA A Credits: Nancy Muller, Senior Program Officer, Devices and Tools Program, PATH t the recently held Women Deliver 2016 conference in Copenhagen on May 16–19, the women from various nations gathered to voice their opinions on the issues concerning women health. It explored critical factors of what it takes to make maternal and new-born health innovations actionable, and to successfully and sustainably scale them to save the lives of women and children. Women Deliver is one of the world’s largest gatherings of policymakers, advocates, and researchers focused exclusively on 32 BioVoiceNews | June 2016 Nancy Muller’s TED Talk women’s health and empowerment. One of the interesting booths at the conference was that of PATH which displayed “She’s Just Getting Started”, a creative suite of materials to initiate a dialogue on the need for effective menstrual care products for girls and women and approaches to improve menstrual health. “Imagine that you’re a woman experiencing a menstrual cycle with no privacy to manage it, no one to talk to, and no clean materials to manage your period with dignity, asks Nancy Muller who is the Senior Program Officer at PATH. “In South Africa, and in many poor countries around the world, menstruation is rarely talked about, and can be a source of stress and embarrassment, as well as pose a safety risk for girls and women. In addition to the roughly 2.4 billion people who lack access to basic sanitation, and the nearly 1 billion who must defecate in the open, there is a need to call attention to the often taboo topic of menstruation, adds Nancy whose organization was one of the major sponsor of the conference.